Equine chiropractic is a safe, all natural and effective form of health care. It is a drugless complement to traditional veterinary care that can help animals naturally heal from existing health conditions, as well as prevent new conditions from arising.
Chiropractic is founded on the fact that the biomechanical movements of the spine are directly related to the health of the animal. If the motion of the spine is restricted, the communication between the brain and body is compromised. This can lead to any number of health conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, lameness, digestive trouble, and neurological deficits. Chiropractors affect the central nervous system by delivering a chiropractic adjustment on the bones, ligaments and joints that are biomechanically restricted, thereby increasing the communication between the brain and body. Instead of treating the symptoms of a disease with drugs or surgery, chiropractic treats the root cause of the problem, eliminating the source of the symptoms and allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

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Some equine conditions that should be evaluated by a chiropractor include:

  1. Temperament changes

  2. Resistance to take one lead or change leads

  3. Asymmetrical movement

  4. Refusal of jumps

  5. Cold or sore back

  6. Musculoskeletal problems

  7. Difficulty bending at the poll, neck or back

  8. Lameness issues

  9. Digestion problems

  10. Frequent tripping or stumbling

  11. Uneven wear of shoes

  12. Neurological conditions

Did you know...

That chiropractic care is proven to increase resistance to disease, energy levels, and performance ability?

Did you know...

That many lameness issues including hock problems are a compensation for a spinal joint restriction? Once motion is restored to the spine, the symptoms often disappear!

Did you know...

That a foal’s pelvis is not always symmetrical after birth, which causes unequal weight distribution and can lead to severe lameness issues in the future? It is important to have foals checked by a chiropractor as soon as they’re standing!

Joint restrictions that lead to altered communication between the brain and body can be caused by repetitive motions, concussive forces such as jumping, poor nutrition, excessive training, lack of movement such as stall confinement, ill-fitting saddles, improper shoeing or trimming, traumas such as slips or falls, and the aging process. The chiropractic adjustment removes the joint restriction, restoring the communication, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. 

Even if your horse is not exhibiting symptoms, he may still benefit from a chiropractic evaluation. In fact, the joint restrictions that require chiropractic care can often be asymptomatic. Over time, these restrictions will cause clinical symptoms which will negatively affect the health of your horse. With regular chiropractic check-ups, we can detect these joint restrictions before they cause symptoms, thereby increasing the health of your horse. It is far easier to prevent a problem than it is to correct a problem.


If your horse refuses to do something you ask, it might not be because he WON’T do it, but because he CAN’T.

It is important to remember that chiropractic care does not replace veterinary care, but instead works with it. Dr. Alvarez requires that all animals be under concurrent vet care before they can be evaluated or adjusted.